Monday, January 26, 2015

Lansinoh Knows Breastfeeding Review

When I began my breastfeeding journey 29 months ago I didn't know a thing, my oldest was formula fed so this was a new path for me, I didn't know what to use or what I'd need. I started off with a pump & some bags, just a random brand and that was my first mistake. Never trust just any brand to hold and store your precious "liquid gold" The first time I pumped and tried to store my milk in the freezer once it froze the bag broke :( I was heartbroken and on a mission to find the best milk storage bags no matter what the cost! I stumbled upon a review online for a brand called Lansinoh, at the time I couldn't pronounce their name and have never heard of this company but the reviews were good so I tried it.

I went to my local CVS and found their milk storage bags very easily. The Lansinoh company has a distinctive purple packaging for all their products. The moment I first used Lansinoh milk storage bags I knew I would never use another brand. I love how I can write the date, time, ounces, and any notes easily on the tab of each bag so there is never any guessing when it comes to my milk. When I was contacted and asked to review some products for this company I was beyond thrilled, if I loved their breast milk storage bags this much then I am sure to love all their products, right?! I was sent a Signature Pro double electric breast pump, a 3 pack of their new Momma bottles with Naturalwave nipples, a cute little bib for my little guy, a hands free pumping bra, and their 3 in 1 Thera -pearl therapy packs. I don't think I have ever been so excited to pump before!

As anyone know who pumps this can be a very trying experience I don't even pump unless I absolutely need to and even then it's more hassle for me than anything, but I was excited to try this new pump. I love how all the pieces are removable to wash, and I especially like how the tubing is connected to the pump and bottles so that it is nearly impossible to get fluid into the tubing, this was a problem with my other pump, the milk some how would get sucked up into the air tubing and it was such a pain to clean and then wait until it was completely dry.

Another major issue I had with my previous pump is that the milk would spill VERY easily and anyone who pumps knows how heartbreaking spilled milk can be, so the other day when I dropped my bottle of almost 7 ounces I almost died until I realized it didn't spill! Not a drop! I have never been so thankful for a pump in my life! With the pieces so easy to put together and take apart this pump is sure to become your favorite pump ever! I also love how this pump has adjustable suction settings you can chose how strong the suction is which helps keep you comfortable hence allowing you to express more milk. I know my other pump left my breasts sore after pumping and I tried different suction settings and even flanges and nothing helped I just assumed pumps were designed to be painful, little did I know! I actually express way more milk and with zero pain and discomfort with the Lansinoh pump. I simply can not say enough good things about this pump! This particular pump sells for about $135 on Amazon which is amazing! My previous pump cost me over $300 and was not even half as good as the Lansinoh Signature Pro pump! Most insurances now will also cover the cost of a new pump, but don't hold me to that you would have to check with each individual insurance company, I just know mine covers it.

 I really like the Lansinoh Simple Wishes handsfree pumping bra with 3 kids and a house to take care of I don't always have time to spend 10-15 minutes sitting down just to pump, so putting this hands free bra on and hooking up my Lansinoh Signature pump I am able to pump on the go. I like how tight this fits around my flanges of my pump and also my breasts to ensure no milk gets spilled. I remember the one time with my old pump and hands free bra I moved one way and my entire breast fell out of the bra and I lost over 4 ounces of breast milk! I was so upset so you can imagine why I was so scared to try again, but I am happy to report this hands free pumping bra matched up with the Signature Pro double electric pump will allow you the freedom to do other things and the comfort of knowing your milk is safe inside the bottles! This bra is very soft to the touch and with the back clip closure and also the front full zipper makes this easy to put on and take off. Between you and me I know this says it's just a hands free pumping bra but I have worn it as a normal nursing bra it's that comfortable.

The Lansinoh Momma bottles with Natural Wave nipples are fabulous, my little guy since he is mostly fed right from the breast gives me a hard time any time I try to offer a bottle to him, but with the Lansinoh bottles he latched on right away and drank until it was empty with no complaints or fighting with me. I like how thick the nipples are and also the little air vent in the side helps prevent my little guy from getting too much air in his tummy and making him upset. I am happy to say he downed a 5 ounce bottle with a nice burp at the end and fell asleep for a few hours! Thank you Lansinoh for making that feeding perfect and easy!

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