Saturday, January 24, 2015

Making The Dream A Reality

I have had this crazy obsession with tiny homes for almost a year now and I never really did much about it except ask my husband if we could move into a tiny home, he would laugh and call me crazy.

We continued to live in a spacious 3,000 square foot house ruled but 3 children and a hot mess of clutter and too many material items to count. After a recent detox on my house, ending in 3 trips to the local thrift shop I again asked my husband if we could become a full time RV family. I was met with another laugh and I am crazy, but as the days passed he was considering it.

This is our future home :)

We have finally decided to jump into the water with both feet! Although we are in debt and have a few things to take care of first such as buying the rig and truck to haul it, we have set a pull out date...*drum roll please* May 22, 2017!

We chose May because that is our wedding anniversary and what better day to make a huge life change than the day you made your first big life change?

While I am extremely excited I am a bit nervous as well, but I really feel in my heart this is the right thing for our family. Please follow us on Twitter and the blog to stay up to date on our travels and journey!

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