Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Going Green With Unpaper Paper Towels From And More #Review

Have you ever wondered how many paper towels are used annually? I know when I used to buy paper towels I was more concerned with spending upwards of $8 for a 6 pack of paper that I was just going to toss in to the garbage can.
When you talk about using resources and pollution most people immediately think about the trees being used to make paper products, but it goes beyond that. There is also electric, water, and  manual labor involved. 

For example to make one ton of paper towels, 17 trees get cut down and 20,000 gallons of water are used. Now, one ton seems like a lot of paper towels until you read that every day over 3,000 TONS, yes that's right tons of paper towels are tossed away, and that is in the US alone!

Have you also heard that as the paper towels decompose they release methane gas, which is a leading cause of global warming? 

For those of you who work...the statistics state the average person uses 2,400-3,000 paper towels a year while at work alone, can you imagine how much that stay at home parent uses during the course of a year with kids? Crazy, right? Well, I have found a better, cheaper, greener, and way cuter way to save the environment and your bank account!

Cloth Paper Towels

True it is easier to use and toss the paper towels and in essence your hard earned money than it is to wash them, or is it? For me personally I simply toss my unpaper paper towels into my kitchen laundry and wash each week like normal. I spend no more on water, electric or laundry soap than I did before making the switch, however, I have saved money by not having to purchase paper towels and napkins each week now!
Most people I know try to match the print on the typical paper towels to their kitchen decor, and my question is do you ever really get what you want? How great would it be if you could pick your specific design? You can basically do just that with unpaper towels hand made by And More!

These unpaper towels are fantastic! They are bigger than commercial paper towels, which makes them great for spills and messes. I also like how soft they are. I use towels a lot to wipe kid's faces and the last thing I want it a rough scratchy towel rubbing against sensitive little cheeks!

And More's unpaper towels are larger than your commercial store bought sheets, as you can see in the comparison below. I laid a sheet of commercial paper towel on top of And More's unpaper towel. That difference is huge when it comes to cleaning up messes and spills!

Cloth Paper Towels
And More Unpaper Towel VS. Commercial Paper Towel

Another comparison photo using my hand

With the use of KAM snaps your new unpaper towels are used just like commercial paper towels, you just roll them up and place them onto your paper towel holder, and simply unsnap instead of tearing, easy peasy!

Unpaper Towels

Photo compliments of And More on Facebook

 These unpaper towels are much more absorbent than commercial paper towels and you never have to worry about them tearing while in use. With one side a pretty printed flannel and the backside a absorbent terry cloth, these little buggers are sure to be your best friend when it comes to cleaning.

I used one of mine recently to clean my windows, what a difference! No streaks and no fuzz left behind, only perfectly clear glass. I can't say enough about these things you can seriously use them everywhere. 

I also stopped purchasing commercial napkins, we were using old kitchen towels until our unpaper towels arrived, we now use these as napkins too. Such a versatile item to have around. Most people see the price on unpaper towels and think how expensive, but let's break it down shall we? 

In the store you purchase a 6 pack typically of paper towels, your middle ground brand costs let's say $6, so you are paying basically $1.00 per roll right? How many uses do you get out of that roll? Enough to use one sheet one time, typically, correct? So, how many packs do you normally buy in a month, 2 sound about right? So, we are already up to $12 a month.

Now, let's take a look at the And More unpaper towels, when you spend  $36.00 on a 12 pack of unpaper towels with snaps, how many times can you use those? Infinitely or at least until they fall apart.

This little exercise shows how in less than 3 months of owning your unpaper towels they will pay for themselves and that's only cost wise, that's not factoring in the benefit to the environment and no nasty chemicals near you or your family, and as a bonus you get to pick some awesome prints, it's a total win!

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  1. Wow, I never knew that something like this existed. I love it and can't wait to try them out.

  2. I'm definitely more aware of the amount of paper towels/napkins, etc. that we use now. Thank you for sharing. One trick I used was to buy cheap kitchen towels from the dollar store and use those in lieu of paper products.

    One of your statistics seemed off to me, maybe the sentence was confusing. "the statistics state the average person uses 2,400-3,000 paper towels a day" - there is no way any 1 person uses that many paper towels in one day. Can you clarify this for me?

  3. Hi, thank you for pointing that out, it was a typo it should have said a year. :)