Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mom Bling Doubles As Teething Toys For Little Ones

I never thought those chunky colorful wooden and silicone necklaces that women were wearing were nice, at least not until I got one from Crow Bear's Chunky Chews.

These necklaces are not only great for teething babies to chew on but they make excellent accessories to your favorite outfit! I can't tell you how many compliments I get on my necklaces. I wear them whether I have the baby with me or not.

My toddler loved my green one so much I had to order her one of her own. That is the good thing about these necklaces, they are such high quality that babies can use them for teething and toddlers won't hurt them when they chew on them.

 The necklaces from Crow Bear's Chunky Chews are also fantastic for those little wondering fingers as you are feeding baby. I wish I had some of these necklaces when my daughter was little, she broke so many necklaces of mine while nursing because she had to play with something.

Maverick also likes to just sit with me as I do work and play with my necklaces, he doesn't always have a need to chew on them. 

The green circle with the green heart is made from a food grade silicone that is perfect for when your little one is cutting teeth, it provides just the right texture to help sooth those aching baby gums.

I am in love with my blue octopus one though, with the wooden beads the whole way up the necklace and a few crochet covered wooden beads accenting it, just makes this perfect. My absolute favorite part has to be the little blue crochet octopus in the wooden circle. He is just the cutest little thing ever!

Head on over to the site today and see what all she has to offer, and if you don't see something you like that is ready to ship just ask she does custom orders too!

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