Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Hate War Wages On Among The People

It's crazy to think from the moment you tell people you are expecting a flood of well meaning people offer advice. The advice comes at you like a ton of bricks, some of it you allow to roll off while other bits you hold tightly. Some invoke comfort while others will invoke fear.

Those topics which may invoke fear should lead you into researching to educate yourself more on the topic. So many mother's have so many pieces of advice, make sure you circumcise, no leave that boy in tact, make sure to vaccinate, no wait don't vaccinate, well, OK vaccinate but on a delayed schedule. You have to breastfeed, because formula feeding is horrible, you have to formula feed because your breast milk is not enough, make sure you get a carrier so you can baby wear, even while you take a crap, no way baby wearing is for attached parents, you don't want to be THAT parent, do you?

You see how each and every parent does at least one thing different from every other parent, and while our children are growing, healthy, and happy we feel that unless everyone is doing the same type of parenting we are they are wrong.

Can you tell me another time in life when every single person is either doing the exact same thing, wearing the exact same thing or thinking the exact same thing as everyone else? I didn't think you could because face it God made everyone different and we all parent and life differently.

Granted we might have lots of things in common with another, that is how we make friends, form relationships and hold intimate relationships, all based on common likes and dislikes.

This is so much bigger than just a hate on other parents who do things differently than us, it goes to anyone who is different from us. What really makes me upset is when I see pure and utter hate and evil spewed at other people for their choices. You want to circumcise your son, who cares? You want to leave your son intact, who cares? You want to vaccinate, not vaccinate, or do a delayed schedule, who cares? You want to each at McDonald's every day, who cares?

These choices are each individuals to make, and most of which are made with proper education, research, and the thoughts of doing what's best for that person in their mind.

We have to respect and accept homosexuality, different races, different religions, different genders, different hair styles, different clothing styles, right? So, then I ask you why do we not tolerate, accept, respect other people's choices when it comes to some more controversial topics?

I realize we all have different opinions and beliefs and that is what makes this world wonderful, we are all so different but the one thing we ALL have in common is we are human! We should not tear down each other just because they believe something that we do not. Build each other up, gently educate if you feel the need to push your ideas and beliefs.

You have all heard the phrase "You can lead a horse to water but you can not make them drink." right? Well, the same goes for pushing your beliefs on to others, I always hated when the Moron kids would come to my door and push their religion on me, but was I rude? No, I just told them I found God and thanked them for caring enough to share their beliefs but I must run now.

You can get your point across without spewing hateful and hurtful things at people, in fact when you educate in a calm, respectful manner I bet your ideas will be more accepted or at least listened to instead of shut out because you offended the person you are trying to educate.

"Treat others as you would want to be treats." is a common phrase we teach our children and yet they see us treating others so horribly when it's something as trivial as the way a person lives and the choices they make.

To be honest, do I support abortion? Not in a million years for any reason, but do I go around wishing death on those who support it? Or have even had one? No, I don't because you know what, one day I pray they will be enlightened and see the truth behind abortion.

There is no room in life for hate, let's build each other up and offer kindness, compassion, education, and mouths that speak words of affection and appreciation, not hate and hurt.

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