Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Laundry Alternative Pink Mini Wash Washer Review

When we decided to take on the full time RV lifestyle I knew I would need a smaller washer, because being a cloth using family I would prefer if my family cloth and diapers didn't get washed in the commercial laundromat machines. 

This led to the hunt for an eco-friendly, RV friendly washing machine, my search didn't take long to bring me to The Laundry Alternative's Miniwash washing machine.

The company makes many different machines besides the miniwash, but they were kind enough to send me the miniwash to review.

This machine being 12" X 12" X 20" makes it very compact and easy to transport and weighing in at only 14lbs it is easy for anyone to carry or move alone.

The Miniwash may be small and compact but it has a 4.4lb capacity, what does this mean for you? This means you can wash that pair of jeans or bath towel right from the comfort of your RV, tent site, apartment, home, condo, pretty much anywhere you have an electrical outlet of 110V! Don't have access to an electrical outlet, then maybe the WonderWash is for you instead.

This machine was very easy to use, here are the basic steps!

*Place machine close to your sink or outlet.
* Make sure the drain hose is in the upright position
* Fill to the fill line with water (either from your sink or well or a bucket of water from the river)
* Place your clothing inside the machine
* Add your laundry soap (I used 1TBSP of my homemade powder, you really only need a small amount of soap for this little machine)
* Plug into the outlet, and turn the knob and set it on either the normal wash or gentle. (I did mine on 12 mins)

That's all there is to it...Once the initial wash cycle is done you simply lower the drain hose to where you want it to drain, then once all drained fill again with clean water and run it once more, this is your rinse cycle.

I only had one issue with this machine...well, ok maybe 2, the first the outlet cord was a bit short which was not a problem in my house kitchen but if it had been in the RV it might have posed an issue, but that issue can be easily solved by adding an extension cord. The second issue I had was the fact I had to wring out all my clothes by hand which I was not use to.

I don't know if I would call either of those issues major but they are just the cons I noticed while using this machine.

Some ideal places to use your Miniwash:

* Camper/RV
* Condo
* Tiny House
* Apartment
* Tent Site
* On your counter if you don't feel like going to the basement
* anywhere you have a 110V outlet

Benefits of the Miniwash:

* Light weight (14lbs)
* Compact Size (12" X 12" X 20")
* Large wash capacity for it's size (4.4lbs)
* Easy to move
* Easy to store
* Uses less water
* Uses less electric

Over all though this little machine is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone! This machine is very easy to use and easy to transport anywhere you want. The miniwash is so small you can literally put it just about anywhere which makes it the perfect washer to take with us when we go full time.

The Laundry Alternative company makes dryers as well, which I am thinking might be a great investment to go along with my washer.


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  1. Oh my gosh, this would be perfect for my sister who lives in a 1 bedroom studio apartment. She doesn't have anywhere for a washing machine. Shoot I'd even love it for my small loads.

  2. This is just too super cute! I want one even though I don't need one lol. This would be awesome for people who RV or travel a lot at all. I could even see using this in a hotel room! Love it!

  3. that looks really interesting. looks perfect for small places for sure. glad it works well for you.

  4. That is really neat. I have never seen one of these. Would be so handy.

  5. My family loves to go camping. We were camping for 9 weeks 3 summers ago. THIS would have been fantastic. I think I might be investing in one soon!

  6. How cute! Would be perfect for small delicates.

  7. Just bought one for our sons cloth diapers. Two loads done so far and they washed very nicely. Hoping it lasts

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