Friday, March 27, 2015

iPhone 6 Armor Fit Phone Case Review Brought To You By #ArmorFitCases

There are so many options when it comes to iPhone cases on the market today, so what makes the iPhone 6 case by Armor Fit different? For starters the fact that this case is a soft protective comfort case that will protect your iPhone for life!

We know how fragile these iPhones are so finding the right case that is not only custom for your style but also will provide protection to your phone from dropping and other things that could damage it. With this case you will receive a screen protector and a cleaning cloth along with the case. I really liked the green one, it is a light almost minty green, fits my style perfectly.

Armor Fit has 5 other options when it comes to picking your case. You can choose between the frosted green (like I received), black, clear, gold, pink, and red. There is a color for everyone. The case is simple to put on as well, you just slip it on over your iPhone 6 no need to add layers like the "Life proof" cases on the market, which let me just say those aren't totally life proof, not when you have a toddler and baby anyways.

Here is a nice description from the Amazon website...

*****The Secret of Never Having to Spend $500 plus for another iPhone 6*****

- Brand New to the Cell Phone Case Market for 2015 - ArmorFrosted Series with Transparent Protection - FREE Screen Protector and Cleansing Cloth for Your iPhone 6

Features & Benefits - [SPD] Slide-In Protection Design for Your iPhone 6 - [PCF] Perfect Custom Fit for Your iPhone 6 - Shock-Absorbing Layer Protection will Protect Your iPhone 6 from Bumps, Scratches, Scrapes, Drops and Falls - [EDS] Exclusive Design & Style Means You Have the iPhone 6 
Case That's Designed Exclusively for the iPhone 6

[LWG] Lifetime Warranty Guarantee Will Protect Your Investment with a No-Risk Free Replacement
  Warranty for the Original Owner's Normal Wear and Tear of Your Clear Frosted iPhone 6 Case 

  -High Quality Materials Available Create a Snug Form-Fit for Your iPhone 6 phone 

The Armor Fit company offers a full 100% lifetime warranty (for the original owner) and tehy will give you a free replacement based on normal wear and tear! How many other phone case companies can offer that?!

 The price tag on these cases is $19.77 with free shipping through Amazon, go ahead and match your iPhone 6 case to your outfit at that price!

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