Thursday, March 26, 2015

The GMO Controversy: What Do You Want To Eat?

There has been a lot of talk lately in the news about GMOs and whether they should be labeled on our foods or not. This topic really hits home with me because I have 3 young children and GMOs are just no good. 

There was a study done in 2012 and published in the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, this study found that the Roundup herbicide has DNA damaging effects on fish after a short term, environmentally low concentration exposure. Can you image the effects all the GMO food and formula and drinks and everything else we are exposed to daily has on us? It makes me shudder to think about.

Although we do have options to purchase organic and GMO project verified foods, how do we know that they are really non GMO foods? The answer in short is…We don’t! The USDA stamps things organic but if they are anything like the FDA they tend to stamp approval on things without knowing how dangerous they actually are.

Most people I talk to will say they will just grow their own food and animals for food. That’s all fine and dandy except did you know there is now pesticides showing up in our ground water? Do you know where else that same pesticide is showing up? In human urine, this means that ever since the start of using GMOs way back in 1996 they have been slowly poisoning us.

If the GMOs are so awesome why would Monsanto not want them labeled? Not want to claim stack to the fantastic thing that is GMOs? I can answer that easily…because GMOs are NOT good in any way and for no one.

Did you know Heinz has to make completely different ketchup for their European consumers? Why, is that you may ask, it’s because GMOs are not allowed over in Europe, along with countless other countries! So, why is America so far behind on the times with this controversial topic? 

Maybe you heard how Monsanto sent the Haitians their seeds after the earthquake that hit over in Haiti, and did you also hear what those farmers did with the seeds? They burned them! They would rather starve than consume Monsanto seeds, doesn’t tell you something about Monsanto in general?

I say label the GMOs give the American people the option to purchase products made with GMO ingredients or let them choose not to, I bet I can guess which products will be hot sellers, and I can say I doubt it will include a GMO label or ingredient. 

The American people do not want poison in their food; they want healthy food that they can trust is good for them and their children!

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