Thursday, May 21, 2015

Are All Direct Sales & MLM Companies A Scam?

*Sigh* yet another failed attempt at a direct sales company. Have you tried any yet? Which ones? Did they work for you?

It seems like everytime I try to work with direct sales or multi-level marketing company I never get any further ahead, in fact I end up further in debt because even though I love the products I am trying to sell I can't seem to convince others they are awesome.

My very first direct sales company experience came about 10 years ago, when Avon was only $10 to start and you had your sponsor come to your house and work with you, that was back before everyone did everything online. There really is hardly any personal connections anymore. For example I just had a Jamberry party, but since my consultant (and good friend) was in another state we had to do it online. Can you guess how many orders I had? Yep, just one and it was mine, but it's ok because I love my Jams.

I am not writing this for a oh boo hoo woe is me post, instead I want to education those who may not have been through the hassel of a direct sales company. While I won't say you can't make money I do know people who do but for me personally since I am not a go out and get them, be in everyone's face type of person I think I fail at them all.

More recently I signed up for $20 for Simply Aroma, I thought this would be perfect since my family and I always use natural remedies and essential oils. (I think we need to buy stock in an oil company) but again I spent more than I made. I had one order and I only made $13 from that order and I didn't even get the payment yet. Yea, to me that is a failure considering the website hosting fee is $9.95 a month, which isn't bad at all but when you aren't bringing in an income from the site it's just another overhead expense.

So, I think I have finally decided to just hang up the hat and stop trying to be successful with direct sales companies. I have since turned my focus to freelance writing. Now, this really is a job because you get hired by companies or individuals who really do pay you and best of don't have to sell anything but yourself. These companies and people will come looking for you.

With all the scams out there and costly investments in direct sales I am starting to question why people are falling over each other to sign up? If you are a successful direct sales or multi-level marketer then I applaud you because you are awesome! On the other hand if you are like me and horribly fail at every direct sales company you attempt we can hang out together on the "We suck at DS" train. Haha

If you have a success story please feel free to share it with me I love hearing how people succeeded at things I failed at, leave a comment below and let me know :) Have a wonderful Thursday everyone and thanks for tuning in.

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