Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dolphins Don't Run Marathons Ebook Review

I am the human chimpanzee and quite happy with that title. Haha What a way to begin a review post about a new Ebook, huh?  Well, it is true the book "Dolphins Don't Run Marathons" by Sam Brand is a very informative read. In the first few pages the author gives you incite to help you see what type of human you are, as the book goes on he tells you many inspiring little phrases and tid bits.

This was an interesting read I must say, with only 204 pages it is a rather short E-book and can be read fairly quickly. Whether you are an avid runner or not you are sure to be able to learn a few things from this book.

As I said before I personally am not a runner, and if I am running you should probably run too because something is chasing me. Haha So, which category of human do you fall under? The Human Ant, the one who is "always running, looking tired and sad, rarely smiling, with all kinds of personality disorders. They always seem to worry about their health, and they tend to live a stressful life." Maybe you are more like me the Human Chimpanzee, those who don't really like sports, "They may do some exercise from time to time, sure - but it’s not an integral part of their everyday lives."
Last but not least is the Dolphin, "is an active, athletic type of person who manages to achieve a balance between doing all sorts of sports. And, yes, sex is also included. Lots of sex. The human dolphin enjoys life for what it is."

So, which category are you? Leave me a comment below and let me know, I am interested to see how others feel about the whole running and running marathons topic. 

You can pick up your copy from Amazon for only $.99 and start reading today!

*Disclosure: I received the above product(s) are no cost in order to facilitate an honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

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