Friday, June 5, 2015

Hair Brush - Detangle Hair Effortlessly & Pain-Free Review #SHSH

My 3 year old recently broke her brush for her hair, this could have turned into a horrible situation because it took forever to try to find that one brush that she not only liked but also could be used without pulling her hair.

When this brush arrived from SH&SH Sopheria was excited to get it opened, she loved how colorful the bristles where and the mirror on the back was definitely awesome too. I swear I have the most vain 3 year old in history. Haha

If you look closely at the bristles you will see they are not all straight like typical brushes, in fact some are wavy. Having the bristles being wavy helps to de-tangle the hair without pulling it, in turn causing pain or discomfort. Sopheria liked the fact that she can use this brush by herself, it's the perfect size for little hands to be honest.

The SH&SH company advertises you can use this brush on wet or dry hair and I can say from experience this is true. When we first get out of the tub we brush Sopheria's hair and typically she whines the whole time about the brush hurting her, I didn't hear a peep out of her when I used this brush. Score one for Mom!

I would have to rate this hairbrush from SH&SH a 5/5 stars because it works wonderfully and it is really cute in looks as well. The compact size makes it easy to take whenever I need too and the cost, well you just can't compare.

You can head on over to Amazon and pick up your brush today. Also don't forget to visit SH&SH on Facebook to stay up to date on their promotions ~~~> Facebook Page

*Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product(s) at not cost or reduced cost in order to facilitate this honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

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