Monday, June 29, 2015

How To Become A Review Blogger

I have been asked many times about how I can get amazing products at no cost and the only thing I have to do in return is give my honest opinion through a review and blog post. It really isn't too difficult but it is time consuming and you must work. Here is my personal experience on the road to becoming a review blogger. Allow me first to disclose I am not a professional and I don't make money from blogging, yet. I do hope to continue to grow my blog but with so many people asking about it I thought I would share my journey.

It began in 2010 when I had my weight loss surgery, I started a blog about my journey back to "normalcy." I used that blog more like a journal than anything else, it was my personal account of a part of my life that would define my future. I don't update that blog as often as I probably should, I have been focusing all my time on this blog to try and build it up before we hit the road so I can use it as a small income source. You can read my blog here.

I started really working on this blog in January 2015, when my husband and I decided to take our lives on the road full time. I wanted a way to have a little income that I could do at home, I spoke to many women who blog and learned that it is no easy task and it will take time. I am proud at how far my blog has come in the 6 months since I began it. The first thing to remember about blogs is the more active you are the more fan base you will have. People do not want to follow a blog that only gets posted on once a week or once a month, that is why I try to schedule my posts one each day. This ensures there is always something new to read, and since I am currently behind on reviews that is not hard to do. I would like to turn my blog into an article blog along with reviews and giveaways instead of just reviews and giveaways, but until I get caught up on the reviews I have committed to posts like this one have to be pushed off.

Another key rule I try to follow is I don't post anything controversial, because I have learned there is no quicker way to lose a fan than post your opinion on a controversial topic like vaccinations, gay marriage, circumcision, and politics. So, I just stay away from those topics all together. We all have differing opinions and that is A-Ok in my book.

As far as my reviews, I found when I post Amazon reviews on purchases I have made, companies will seek you out and offer reviews to you in order to boost their Amazon appearance. I have done quite a few this way and I loved it because I have discovered companies I might not have any other way. So, be sure to connect your blog to your Amazon profile and leave reviews on all your purchases.

If you want to contact companies yourself you can do this also, send them an email letting them know why you are interested, which product you are interested in and give them your blog stats. Blog stats such as how many monthly visitors you get, and your social media rankings. This will help them to determine if they want to work with you and your blog. When my blog was first starting I found it a bit more difficult to reach out to companies because I didn't have a very big reach in the social community, but as you work and grow your blog that can change drastically.

The other site I really like using is Tomoson, this site allows you to apply for promotions that interest you. The company, chooses the bloggers and then sends out the products. Sometimes you have to order through Amazon but you are given a coupon code so you don't pay anything, especially if you have a Prime membership.

Building your blog is the most important to start with though, you want to be active and push your blog out to social media sites, there are groups on Facebook you can join that can help boost your stats and allows you to help other bloggers at the same time. I have about 5 of these groups I participate in daily.

I hope these little tips help you on your journey and should you have any other questions please shoot me an email and ask, I will try my best to answer and help in any way I can. Thank you for being part of my blog, your following means a lot to me, thanks to you I can continue my blog.

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