Sunday, June 14, 2015

Solutions Solved Crib Mattress Protector Review

Babies are messy little things, truly they are between diapers leaking (especially if you use cloth at times), throwing up, drooling, and whatever else they come up with it's a wonder there are not more stains on the crib mattress. Solutions Solved this problem for so many parents out there today by creating a very soft, water proof bamboo mattress protector.

I remember growing up my mother had my 2 siblings when I was well into my late teens so I have memories of how things were when they were babies, the mattress covers would go under the sheet, which I never really understood because aren't most crib mattresses made from a waterproof covering anyways? So, why the added protection? 

When I received this mattress protector though I put it on my son's crib and then I took the bonus changing pad cover and placed that over the middle of the crib where my son sleeps most times. It makes for a super soft and super protective area.

He slept on it this way last night and actually seemed to sleep better. I liked how soft the pad was to be honest. We don't really have issues with his diaper leaking but since he started teething again he drools like crazy and his sinus' drain causing a cough which in turn leads to a throw up in the middle of the night. I know it might be too much info but I figured we are all parents here so we all understand the situation. Hahaha.

The bamboo material makes this cover extra absorbent and durable. It also washes up really nicely and since I hang dry everything it is important that this dries fairly quickly, which it does. The good thing about this cover is it will also work on your toddler bed, which is where most kids learn to potty train so there are accidents. This will save you from having to clean up a huge mess in the middle of the night, just take the cover off, replace with a new cover or sheet and you are done. I remember growing up my mother would put a bath towel on the bed until the morning.

You can pick up this mattress protector from Amazon.....Here

*Disclaimer: I received the above product(s) at no cost or lesser cost in order to facilitate this honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

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