Saturday, July 25, 2015

Baby Ring Sling From SUKKIRi Review

It's no shock how common baby wearing has become with all the benefits for both parent and baby, but finding the right carrier can be tricky especially when you are not sure where to begin.

There are countless types of carriers out there so it can be tricky navigating, if you have the option of renting or testing different types before you make your purchase that would be my advice. While we are talking about carriers I was given the privilege of trying out a new mesh carrier from SUKKIRi.

You can pick up these ring sling carriers from Amazon and you can pick between black or blue as the color. The mesh ring slings are nice especially in Summer or warmer climates because they breath and keep mom/dad and baby cooler than the cloth soft structure carriers. See the chart below to see the benefits of this carrier, I feel this chart really hit all the wonderful points of the carrier, hence the reason I shared it.

 I always thought at first mesh carriers could only be used in the water, either the pool, ocean, or shower but really they can be worn anywhere and everywhere and they are much cooler than traditional carriers. While I will say I love my Tula most this carrier is in serious competition especially having 90 degree days with high humidity. The last thing I want is to baby wear and we both get hot, sticky and irritated but with the mesh ring sling from Sukkiri Maverick and I can both be comfortable while he is being worn.

I like how easy this is to use as well, you simply put it on and set it up with the ring, then insert your baby and tighten the ring and away you go, it is easier to use than some other carriers out there today. It is also very versatile and compact, you can fold this carrier up so small you can fit it pretty much anywhere and anyone with children knows how you already have enough stuff to pack and carry why add one more bulky carrier to the mix?

Maverick really enjoyed this carrier as well, it took a moment to get us both comfortable but once we did it was fantastic. I noticed this carrier is meant to be worn on the side which is nice but if you have a heavier child it can cause a little bit of a back ache. Maverick is about 20lbs and after wearing him for 30 minutes I needed a break.

*Disclaimer: I received this above mentioned product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest and unbiased review. All opinions stated are my own.*

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