Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bump Watch Wednesday - 14 Weeks Along With Baby #4

So....since finding out I was pregnant with my fourth little blessing, and slacking on the other pregnancy reports I figured if I began a bump watch series it might help me keep track of things happening in this pregnancy and make it easier when someone asks that question, "How far along are you now?"

I admit I was caught off guard last week when a friend asked if I was out of the first trimester yet, I seriously had to sit down for a moment and think about the answer. It's funny because with my first pregnancy I could tell you how far I was right down to the minute, the second was pretty much the same way but the third and now this fourth one I don't have my head on right half the time it seems.

Anyone else experience this issue when pregnant for the third, fourth, fifth or more time? Please tell me I am not alone? Well, enough chit chat and on to the 14 week update...

Don't mind the get up, it's ridiculously hot here haha

My midwife comes back on August 5, at that appointment we will try to hear the heartbeat for the first time which I am totally excited for. With my other three pregnancies I always had an ultrasound at about six weeks to determine how far we were and such and with those ultrasounds we heard the heartbeat, but since declining routine ultrasounds I have to wait til the baby is big enough and her/his little heart strong enough to be picked up on the doppler.

My sickness is still here although not as intense and thankfully it is only the feeling I have not actually gotten sick with this baby, thank heavens. My food cravings include Dill pickles and cheese ball. In fact my husband laughed hysterically at me the other week for putting Dill pickles on top of my pizza like pepperoni. It was absolutely delicious and I am not sure why but the Dill pickles really seem to help the sickness go away.

So, far I have gained about 5lbs which has been low compared to my other three pregnancies but I swear it's because this baby craves fruits and veggies whereas with my last three it was fast food and junk food, I suppose I can't complain this baby will kick start my butt into gear for a healthy eating pattern.

I am not sure how often I will post these but they will for sure be on Wednesdays, I think weekly is a bit overkill since nothing really changes weekly until closer to the end, so maybe I will post once a month on Wednesday, what are your thoughts? Anyone else out there sharing in the pregnant times with me? Please post a comment below and let me know when your little one is due, mine is due sometime in January :)

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