Friday, July 31, 2015

Graco Fast action Jogging Stroller Review

A few weeks ago I set off on a mission, to find an all terrain stroller that would cost me less than $150, boy that proved to be a difficult task indeed. There are so many wonderful "jogging" strollers on the market but they also cost upwards of $500 and I just can't justify spending that much for a stroller, I mean that is more than my monthly mortgage payment!

I continued my search and began to go back and forth between the Graco Fast Action Jogger and the Baby Trend Brand Jogger, after reading so many reviews and looking at the models in the store, the Baby Trend seemed to be cheaper to me, which according to most owners is not necessarily the case, I read many reviews by people who love their Baby Trend Joggers. I also read many reviews that had negative things to say about the Graco so it was literally a toss up as to which one I would purchase.

After speaking with a good friend from our church I decided to just go ahead and get the Graco. After all, majority of my car seats and previous strollers were all Graco brand and they were well made and lasted a long time. I decided to order the stroller from the local Wal-Mart website that way if for some reason I did not like it I would be able to take it back with out an issue.

The stroller shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. The stroller was very simple to put together as well, no tools were needed and I actually put it together within 10 minutes. I think the hardest part was just getting it out of the box. Haha. The stroller itself needed to have air put in the tires before the initial test run (well walk) which was simple, I just used my son's bike pump and filled the tires up according to the recommendation on the tires.

When I took it out for the first time I was so impressed with how the entire stroller handled, I literally took it everywhere, over rocks, up curbs, in the grass and rocks and that stroller went without an issue. I also liked how I could pull this stroller up the three porch steps while Maverick was still in the stroller and the ride was not bouncy or anything for him, in fact he didn't even seem to notice.

I think Maverick liked the stroller more than me because every time I would take him out of it he would try to climb right back in. It is a relief because the other stroller we had he absolutely hated to be in and would fight every time we needed to use it. I really think this stroller will be fantastic for us when we leave next year to hit the road. I can have confidence that no matter where we want to hike to this stroller can handle it with no problem.


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