Monday, July 6, 2015

The Baby Box Company Review - The Must Have For All Expectant Parents

Finland has it right when it comes to expectant mothers, for 75 years Finland's expectant mothers have been given a Baby Box from the state. The box is a starter kit for the new baby soon to arrive. Most boxes have clothes, blankets, and other items a new mother will need to care for her new blessing. The box also has a thin mattress much like a bassinet this way the box can be used as the baby's first bed. Now, you may think this is odd and even out of the ordinary but if you think about it many things are out of the "norm" according to society standards anymore. If you look at Finland's infant mortality rate their country has a very low rate of infant death and the baby box may be one major factor in this.

The Baby Box Co. has brought this Finnish concept to America for all expectant mothers. The company offers quite a few different boxes depending on your budget and what you would like. 

*The bed box
* The classic box
* The nature box
* The everything but the stork box
* The every mother counts box

The boxes range from $69.99 to $225.00 and really are a one gift that serves so many purposes. If you know someone expecting you can go together with a few friends and get the soon to be mom a box for the baby shower. Recent surveys have shown the typical baby shower guest spends about $108 on baby gifts for the expectorant parents, why not make your gift one that is sure to please. 

As a mother of 3 almost 4 little ones I find the things that are most often given at baby showers are things the mother doesn't need 100 of, such as baby wash cloths or towels, bibs, and bottles, oh so many bottles. Give the soon to be parents a gift they are sure to be able to use.

I chose The Classic Box, and while my newest little peanut won't be here until January I was super excited to get and unpack this box. The items I received in my box included...

* 1 traditional Finnish-inspired baby box
* 1 fitted baby mattress
* 1 waterproof matress cover
* 1 cotton sheet
* 1 lovey
* 1 onsie
* 1 swaddle blanket
* 1 healthcare kit (complete with nose bulb, nail clippers, nail file, thermometer, and other things)
* 1 pair of socks
* 1 baby bib
* 1 organic washcloth
* 1 organic burp cloth
* 1 pair of mittens (to prevent those newborn nails from scratching your little one's face)
* 1 newborn cap
* 1 pack of Avent binkies
* 1 goodie bag with different samples
* 1 sample pack of 2 disposable diapers

My box was filled with gender neutral things so whether this baby is a boy or girl it won't matter I will still be able to use my baby box. I admit I was a bit worried about letting the new baby sleep in a box, it just wasn't something I grew up with so it seemed odd to me. But after looking at this box and feeling it I can see this is not just a cardboard box that your Amazon order comes in, this is a well made high quality box that you can feel comfortable letting your newborn rest comfortably and safely in for those first few weeks of life. 

The box also has handles so you can take your sleeping baby room to room with you as you move about the house, the box itself and mattress aren't very heavy so the real weight comes from your newborn. (and we all know how heavy those little bundles can be. Haha)

Overall, I can't say enough about this box I absolutely love it and I can't wait until January comes and my new little peanut gets to try out all the amazing items in our box from The Baby Box Co.

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  1. These are absolutely amazing! I wish they were in or at least more well known in the US when I had my babies, would have been perfect. The US needs to start giving these to our low income families and maybe the bed sharing deaths would decrease, so many families don't have the room for their baby to sleep safely, even with them, there are often 2-3 other children in the bed along with the adult.

    Looks like you've received some super cute and fun/useful stuff in your Baby Box.

  2. I've been dying to see what the Baby Box was about! I can't wait to be pregnant again, but while that happens I've been spoiling my sister in law who is due on November. The things that came in your box are fantastic and I love that it is gender neutral! I would have loved to have a little box like this for my baby when I was working (my boss let me bring my baby with me to the office) this would have been much much better than carrying the heavy bassinet from home to work every day!

  3. This box is awesome! great idea for the mother to be and such wonderful gifts inside the box! This seems like a very unique gift.

  4. That sounds like such a handy and wonderful shower gift. It looks very attractive too. Thanks for sharing about the boxes in Finland.

  5. I never knew there was baby box. This is super amazing gift set for any of my expecting friends. The items are all so well packaged and looks super cute :)

  6. I just love the idea of this! It's such a perfect gift for new mommies! I love how well made the box itself is too.