Monday, July 20, 2015

Why On Earth Would You Want To Avoid Common Routine Prenatal Procedures?

As I began having children I also began walking a path of research and education. With my first son who was born 10 years ago via emergency c-section (basically this was unnecessary, I was 19 years old, the day before Valentine's Day and I was obese, I only was allowed to labor 4 hours and they never let me out of bed and I had no epidural) but anyways I did everything I was told by the doctor, who I firmly believe did not have my best interests in mind.

Fast forward seven years to when I became pregnant with my daughter, I knew I would not just roll over and let the doctors make all the choices. I hired a Doula and began researching VBACs. In the end I was able to have an un-medicated hospital birth VBAC after 15 hours of labor. It was the most painful and fantastic thing I have ever experienced. I still had more learning to do though, all through my daughters first year all I did was research things and change the way I was thinking completely.

 Now, fast forward another 22 months and the birth of my son. I had a midwife instead of a doctor which was like night and day, I had a completely un-medicated 15 hour labor again and this perfect little baby boy after it was amazing, but again I still wasn't 100% satisfied.

Fast forward again to present day I think I finally figured out what I want out of pregnancy and labor and birth that makes me feel complete and whole. I am avoiding ALL "routine" procedures except the glucose test, but mine will not consist of drinking a sugar filled disgusting drink that is actually harmful for you (you can research that on your own if you want) I will instead be testing my blood a more accurate way by pricking my finger like a diabetic would four times a day but it's more accurate and less harmful for your body and growing baby. But many people have questioned why on Earth would I avoid the blood tests, GBS test, ultrasounds and other common routine procedures...for me the answer is simple they are not necessary and not proven to be beneficial.

What did women do years go before all these fancy contraptions and routine procedures? They trusted their bodies and God and most times they had healthy happy little ones about 40 weeks after conception. While I know this is not the norm and I also know I will get negative and positive feedback over my choice, and I am more than happy to accept that feedback as well as any consequences that might come from my choices but in the end I had to make the choice I feel is best for my family, myself, and my unborn  baby.

So, this time around we hired a midwife who comes to the house and is completely supportive of our choices and will be delivering our baby here at home. Now, don't get me wrong if something were to happen where I needed a test, an ultrasound, an internal check or a hospital birth I am not against any of that but as long as my baby and I are healthy why try to fix something that is not broken? I guess the reason for this post is to show pregnant women that you DO indeed have options and choices, you are the employer of your doctor or midwife, you pay the insurance premium and deductible which in turn pays the hospital and doctor, so know your rights and options and don't fear exercising your voice and having the pregnancy and birth you want.

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