Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bamboo Nursing Pads Review + Giveaway

I have been breastfeeding for 3 years straight now and have had my fair share of trying out different nursing pads. I began with the Lansinoh disposable pads but after switching to cloth diapers and leaking out of those nursing pads all the time it seemed pointless to keep wasting money on throw away ones, so I set out on a search for some cloth nursing pads. I typically try to purchase things like this from WAHMs and small businesses just because it has been in my experience that these smaller businesses make better products and use better quality materials.

After about a year of using the ones I purchased (daily use) they are starting to fray and are in need of being replaced, not to mention they are smaller than I would like but I made them work. When I got the chance to review these bamboo nursing pads I was super excited. You can't really tell from the Amazon pictures and descriptions how good these pads really are, but if you know anything about bamboo it's one of those materials you want to be used because it washes well and hold moisture, wicking it away from the skin. The back of the pads are a pretty pink color and made from a PUL fabric similar to cloth diapers/covers to prevent leaking.

These are able to be concealed inside your shirt without any bulges or being able to be noticed. They also stay in place well, unlike some other brands I have used, I would always have to fix and readjust my nursing pads.What a pain that was!

I want to offer one lucky reader the chance to win 2 sets of these wonderful bamboo nursing pads for themselves. Simply enter on the form below and at the end of the contest one random winner will be drawn and they will received 2 sets of these bamboo nursing pads (total of 4 pads).

*Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review.*


  1. I nursed my first until she weaned herself after she started walking. I used those nasty disposables. With this baby I'm excited to use a more natural and reusable alternative. I've heard the bamboo pads are the best!

    1. I remember using the disposables with my first baby (second child but first to nurse) and those first few days were horrid, the pads would stick to my already tender breasts it was torture.

  2. I am adoptive Mom only take teenagers no babies. But about to be a first time foster grandma so trying to win cool stuff for the Mommy to be.....

  3. I'm due to give birth in 3 weeks and I hope to breastfeed.

  4. I breastfed my 2.5 year old for 22 months. I am currently pregnant (due January 2016) and we plan on at least a minimum of 2 years.

  5. I am expecting my last baby November 10 and will breastfeed for 9-12 mos! Nicole Bowers

  6. I have a daycare mom that has been breast feeding for 5 months. She'd love these and I'd love to gift them to her.