Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Breast Milk Storage Bags From Bonafide Baby Review

I have used the same brand of breastmilk storage bags for over 3 years now and have been completely satisfied with that brand. Then I was asked to try a new brand and speaking from experience in trying new things I was a little apprehensive, I have had some pretty bad experiences with breastmilk bags leaking and just straight up breaking so like I said I stick with one brand and that is that. But I suppose I could give it a shot, which I did and I am really happy I did.

The Bonafide Baby breastmilk storage bags are really great bags. The bags are 6 ounce bags and come to you in a pack of 105 per-sterilized and ready to use. Bonafide Baby also gives you a marking pen with your order which is very nice because trying to write on those breast milk bags with a traditional pen can be a big hassle. 

The storage bags themselves are nice and sturdy and semi thick, it's not the thin cheap plastic that I have seen other storage bags made from, this is one that won't leak nor rip and if it would then you had to be playing football with the bags or something very rough. They are very durable and will hold up well for you. I also like these bags because again there are other companies out there whose bags can only stand up right, which leads to more space being taken up so I like to lay mine flat and then store in a plastic storage bin from the dollar store. I can typically fit about 50-100 bags in one storage bin which saves tons of room in the freezer.

The Bonafide Baby breast milk storage bags are BPA free, per-sterilized, leak proof, and even latex free so you know nothing nasty is touching your precious liquid gold. These bags can be purchased through Amazon for only $19.99 which is a comparable price when you look across the board at breast milk storage bags, the difference is with this brand you get 105 bags in each box for that low price.

Taking a look at some other brands on Amazon selling breast milk bags I have found you typically can get 25 for $6.97 plus shipping, 50 for $16.24 plus shipping or the Bonafide Baby 105 pack for only $19.99 free shipping with Prime membership.

Head on over to Amazon today to order yours!

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*Disclaimer: I received the above product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

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