Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cutieland Reusable Food Pouches Review

I have always thought those take a long pouches of baby food were a great idea, they are super easy to feed to the kids, especially while in the car or on the go. My only problem was that most contain GMOs and ingredients I would prefer my family to avoid, not to mention the recent media coverage of the mold and mildew being found in multiple brands of the pouches both drinks and food.

There has to be a better and healthier way, right? Of course there is, with reusable pouches you can fill right at home with the product of your choice. These reusable pouches offer the same convenience as the store bought ones just without the processed ingredients or risk of mold and mildew.

 These pouches while advertised for children can also be used for adults as well, have you ever wanted to take yogurt or a smoothie with you without a mess then you should pick up some pouches because you can take your favorite yogurt or smoothie or food in general (as long as it can be sucked out of the pouch) with you anywhere you go.

These are pretty good when it comes to the style of the pouch, they are easy to fill but can be a bit tricky to clean. The top corners up by the mouth piece do not open wide enough to really get a wash cloth in there to clean so you will need something like a bottle brush with the nipple attachment to be sure your pouches are cleaned completely.

Overall, though I have to say I like these pouches they are worth the money and they hold up well in a variety of situations, even against little teething toddlers.

Pick up your Cutie land Pouches from Amazon and start saving money and eating healthier today!

*Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

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