Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ergonomic Baby Carrier From Ziraki Review

As I stated in previous posts I am a huge fan of baby wearing for any and every reason imaginable, so when I was offered this ergonomic carrier to try I got excited. I really love my Tula and Ergo carriers so I thought this one is bound to become a favorite, I was disappointed. While it is a very nice carrier with an adorable floral print on the hood and inside it is made very small. Both my Ergo and my Tula can fit myself and my husband and we both have lots of room to spare with the adjustable waist strap, which is nice especially because I am now pregnant and still baby wear Maverick, I need something that will "grow with me."

This particular carrier is made very small, the waist strap barely fit around me, I literally had to let it ALL out, the carrier itself where the baby sits seems very narrow to me as well. I tried to make a comparison picture but it doesn't really do justice to show the difference in lengths and sizes of the two. 

This carrier is only $36 and some change on Amazon and it does ship from China, which might be why it is made smaller, Chinese women and men tend to be smaller in size than American men and women. Although I am not sure why this is, I guess it has to do with genetics and culture in general.

This carrier seems as though it is well made, just runs a little on the smaller side, so if you were a smaller stature person this might be perfectly  fine for you, however with me being 5'7" and pregnant this was a bit uncomfortable for me, and I only wore it a few minutes. I am going to hand this down to Sopheria because she likes to carry her dolls and this would fit her just fine as a baby doll carrier.

You can purchase this carrier on Amazon for $36.87

*Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review*

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