Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Glass Water Bottle From Calibre Products - Stylish, Reusable, Eco Friendly & Healthier

How many times have you purchased either single bottles of water or even cases of bottled water? Did you realize that all those plastic bottles have to go somewhere? As Americans did you know we throw away over 35 billion plastic water bottles every year? Holy wow that is a lot of water bottles and that doesn't even begin to include any soda bottles or other plastic beverage bottles. The second thing about plastic bottles that really bothers me is there makeup.

Did you know according to Natural News website plastic water bottles (and plastic bottles in general) have been found to contain over 24,000 chemicals in their production makeup, and this includes endocrine disruptors among other harmful chemicals? So, tell me do you really want to drink some something so dangerous to your health? Would you allow your children to drink from something so harmful? Then read on and see your alternatives, that are both cheaper and safer.

When you choose to ditch the plastic baby bottles, water bottles, and just plastic containers in general most people opt for glass or even stainless steel, no matter which option you choose just getting away from plastic is going to not only save you money but it will positively impact your health too. I was given the chance to try out a really cool glass "water" bottle from Calibre Products Ltd. The bottles are 18 ounces in size and come with a protective silicone case. Yes, this prevents the bottles from breaking when dropped and we experienced this first hand the other day when Sopheria dropped my water bottle on the hard wood floor of the dining room. I almost died I thought it would break or at least spill...nope and nope. My water bottle did not break and since it was closed it did not leak! Mom Win!

These bottles are dishwasher safe and can be used for either cold or hot beverages, and because they are made from glass you don't have to worry about the pores in the bottle absorbing any nasty things and growing mold. Yes I have actually see this in my old plastic water bottles. Plus when you have a nice glass water bottle you don't need to keep purchasing those plastic ones so you not only save your bank account but you can help save the environment.

The glass water bottles from, Calibre are leak proof thanks to a super awesome spout that closes securely, even a drop won't let this bottle leak. They also have a really nice silicon carrying handle which makes it great you can carry it with you anywhere, in your hand, on your belt, on your bike or even your backpack! Overall, these are a much smarter way to go over the plastic beverage bottles, not only for the environment, but also for your health and your finances.

I'd head on over to Amazon today and pick yours up you can choose between blue and yellow as your colors. 

*Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review.*

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