Saturday, August 8, 2015

ORGANIC Home Pest Control Spray by Eco Defense Review

This review item came at a perfect time, I thought I had beaten the ants in the kitchen, which some how come along every single summer no matter what I do. Unfortunately, they are smarter than I thought and came back and I couldn't get rid of these things no matter what I tried, yes I had to break down and buy the ant traps which I really hate having to use in the kitchen around my food. Those didn't even help, then the mailman came and brought me this package.

I emptied out the cupboards and sprayed them down with this pest control spray, let it sit a little while before wiping the cupboards out (I actually waited a day or two before putting my food back in just to be sure the ants were gone) I actually took some of this as well and sprayed outside my kitchen around the foundation of the house just to see if it would help. So far the ants are gone and have not come back.

I really like this product because I don't really have to worry about if my dog or kids get into this because it is safe for them to be around,while I still wouldn't recommend either pets nor kids ingesting this the consequences would be less severe than with typical pest control sprays. I also used this in my basement which for some reason this year has been over run with spiders, I am not sure why but it makes me hate going to do laundry because I am in no way a fan of spiders. While I am not sure this killed the spider on contact it has repelled any new ones at least from what I can tell. I vacuumed real well and cleaned up a bit then went around and sprayed this in all the little cracks and crevices and around the edges of the laundry room and so far so good.

Overall, I have to say this product has been working well for me, we are going camping for a week here soon, so I will be taking this along with us to spray around the tent as well as the campsite to try and deter bugs, I also reviewed (you might remember) the other Eco Defense Pest Repellent product meant for deer, skunks, racoons, rabbits and other wildlife, which I also will be taking with us as a preventative measure.

You can pick up this Eco Defense product from Amazon here and you can also get their outdoor pest repellent on Amazon here.

*Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned product at no cost in order to facilitate this honest review.*


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