Monday, August 3, 2015

Tender By Shai Amit Ebook Review

This Ebook "Tender" written by Shai Amit has been a huge seller in Israel for a while now but just recently came to be a best seller in America. It is a book that requires a certain type of person to read, I personally wasn't too fond of it but I will say it was a good read. The story line was interesting and held my attention, the characters were relate-able and lifelike, and the setting was again something that could be related to.

I wanted to share the exert from the Amazon site for the book with you...

"A captivating and original novel that pulls you into the world of nightlife in Amsterdam, New York and Tel Aviv. A world of fascination, dizziness, and deception, brought to light from the point of view of the spectacle’s leading figures. A sidelong view from the central position. The book provides a frank, true, and unique reading experience about a story of introspection, with climbs and crashes, with success and emptiness, and with a desperate search for understanding and love until self-destructiveness is itself destroyed.

The novel is a journey into the rise and fall. A self-examination of the ego and how it motivates and carry us through life. It leads us to the end of the terrible and miserable routine of turning all luxuriousness into needs. Re-discovering who you really are and what is your true strength. Learning how to “make love” without ego, with the moment of present.

Tender is a novel set in the night life, with everything that happens in it “for better or for worse”, Tel Aviv's nightlife, Amsterdam, and New York. It tells a story AS IS No “discounts” and no easing, the scenes are full with hurt, pain, desperation, filth but also soulful, renewal and optimism. From casual sex to lose of virginity, from drugs and violence to togetherness and relationships. In the same breath, the book gives each of us the opportunity to examine our lives, leads us to a self-research about love and inner peace.

The characters are each and every one of us (as the world is becoming a small village). The reader is joining the characters in their journey and discovers a simple truth - we are all the same. No matter what language we speak, where we from, what race, gender or religion.
For people that are not familiar with the world of night-life, the book is a one-time experience. For those who are, it’s actually a type of catharsis. Containing philosophical themes, love stories with profound meaning, wisdom and personal growth and of course Erotica.

Adding to all that is written, the book provides an opportunity for women to have a man’s point of view on love, passion, intimacy, romanticism, sex, relationships and more."

I am not a huge fan of erotica or stories about drugs, random sex, and things like that but again if you are then this book is probably really good to read. I still rate it at a 4/5 stars because like I said the book is very well written and interesting, just not really for me.
You can find this book on Amazon, and can pick it up today and begin enjoying it tonight.

*Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

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