Thursday, August 6, 2015

Toilet and Cabinet Lock From Mommy TLC #Review

Ever since Maverick began walking we have had a real issue with him getting into my kitchen cupboards and while this wouldn't be an issue if he would just pick the cupboards with all the pan lids or cooking utensils. Nope, not my Mr Machievious, he decides that the only cupboard he cares about is the under the sink cupboard, which again isn't a huge deal since we don't use cleaning products. Anything he can get into he could technically drink and nothing would happen other maybe an upset tummy for a few hours, so that is not even the concern really.

The main concern is when I am standing there doing the dishes and all of a sudden get a huge pain in my foot, that would be from where Maverick dropped the gallon of vinegar on my foot! Yea, we have done that, in fact just this week he dropped a hammer on my foot. It is still painful and that happened like Tuesday I believe. So you can see how it's important to keep the boy out of cupboards with heavy items, right?

These locks are super simple to use and install. You simply clean off the surface area where you want to apply the lock, pull the sticker covering off, and stick it to the cupboards or sides of the toilet or where ever. Be sure to press firmly and let it sit a few moments to develop a secure attachment. Then once that is all done you are all set to release the baby so to speak and witness the amazing power of these toilet/cabinet locks. They are really easy to open, you can do it one handed but yet they are complex enough my 3 year old hasn't figured it out yet, thankfully.

You can use these anywhere, unlike other brands that need handles that are specific for the model of lock in order for it to work properly, and what not these can be used on all cupboards and cabinets. When you purchase the locks from Amazon you will get 2 locks in a pack for one low price.

*Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest and unbiased review.*

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