Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What I Learned Living In A Tent With Three Kids For Seven Days

*Note To Readers* Forgive any mistakes this was written by lantern light, in a tent while 3 children were sleeping*

So, this past week we decided to go on a "vacation" more of a getting our feet wet for next year type of adventure. As some of you know next May we plan on heading out of the normal living concept of being in a home and moving everything we own into a pop up camper and hitting the road. (Crazy to some, exciting to others) We like the simplicity of life, the minimalist way of living so what better way to do those two concepts then to hit the road, see the sights and be close to nature. Ok, so anyways enough history...on to what I learned this week while basically living in a tent with 3 children, a husband and my dog.

Our home for 7 days.

* There is dirt everywhere and keeping three kids and a dog clean will always be a losing battle. So, leave them alone! Let them get dirty, let them explore, and learn about the world we live, let them play with frogs and toads and jump in puddles. At the end of the day you can wash them after all.
One of many frogs/toads we caught and enjoyed

* Bugs Bugs Bugs EVERYWHERE! If you know me personally you know I absolutely detest spiders with a passion even! Stemming from a childhood traumatic event (which we will not get into now) I have had a serious fear and hatred toward those 8 legged little critters, BUT after spending a week in THEIR territory I have come to live peacefully with them...sorta

When you have no TV you are forced to play with pokers Haha
* The kids will survive without tv and I will survive without a computer, while having a computer makes working on my freelance writing easier, being without a computer makes me spend less time on Facebook and more time with the family. Come to be honest we are all much better off without screens.

* Freedom! That word holds a whole new meaning to me after last week. No time checks, no schedules, just you and the ones you love enjoying the beauty God has made. Although jobs will still exist on the road with less debt and expenses there will be less need for high income and full time employment.
Getting ready to cuddle up for the night
* Showering with a timed push button shower really sucks. You no sooner push the button and get wet and BAM it shuts off leaving you with a cool breeze, brrr...and don't get me started on trying to shave in something like that, but you know what it was ok, I made it through and can now say I will be ok living without my tub and hot bubble baths. (at least until we come back to visit family.)

Daddy & The Kids Off To Hike Again
* Food just tastes better when it's cooked outside, whether that be on the camp fire or the 20 year old rusty camp Coleman stove. Food just tastes so much better when cooked outdoors. Plus you are forced to eat healthier because you don't want to have to drive to a fast food joint and even though mountain pies might not sound healthy they are much healthier than a fast food joint.

Overall, this week has brought the family closer and only fueled my need and desire to escape the "norm" and hit the road! Next May can not come fast enough!

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