Saturday, September 26, 2015

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It is no surprise nor shock to most people who know me, know I stand for the right to life as a Pro-Life advocate. If you ask me there is absolutely no reason nor excuse as to why a woman should ever have an abortion. Rape, incest, molestation, health whatever the reason that life was given to you to protect by God for one reason or another and you as the sole care giver for 9 months have a direct responsibility to protect that life at all costs. I know any mother would lay down her life for her children who are born so why is it so hard for a woman to say she would also lay down her life for her unborn child? Does that unborn child not matter as much to the mother as those who have been born? I won't get into a debate on this subject because my views will never change and I do not expect your views to be changed by my opinions on the matter, after all this is simply to be a book review not a Pro-Life debate. 

So, on to the book review, I went back and forth on wanting to read this book for a while now, I have a very deep passion for fighting this right to life right so I tend to stay away from books and debates on the topic simply because it can be very emotional and tough to try and calmly talk about the murder of innocent babies to someone who is for that type of evil, but this book ended up in my mailbox and I was open to reading it.

The author Frank Pavone really tackles the topic with a religious view point with a hint of plain morals added in. When you break it down if you believe in God then you probably believe in all life in sacred and meaningful, this is the religious side but if you have not opened your door and heart to God then you could be either for life or death and that would all depend on your morals. When you read this book you will be reading a well written book that does not attack, judge, or try to coerce, instead Pavone tries to educate with facts as well as his other personal opinions. He wants everyone to realize the right to life battle is a battle that everyone who has a breath in their lungs should be fighting.

I cried reading this book, simply because of all those people I have met throughout my 31 years on this earth, even when I had denied God I still had a strong belief that abortion was wrong and yet there are so many people out there who claim it's a woman's right to choose, or they use abortion as a form of birth control. While this is the taking of an innocent life the abortion itself takes a major toll on a woman as well both physically and emotionally. 

Whether you are for or against abortion I really would recommend reading this book, it gives new insight and who knows it might teach you a few things about the subject. This book will also help those who are currently standing on the Pro-life side new reasons why you should fight this battle harder than ever, and might possibly give you more information to use in your fight. These innocent lives have no voice of their own so they depend on people like you and I to stand firm and stand together to fight for their lives. All life is a gift from God and should be treated as such not tossed away like yesterday's trash. Will you join the fight and stand up for those lives who are being taken so freely?

You can find this book "Abolishing Abortion" by Frank Pavone on Amazon or at your local book store.

*Disclaimer: I received this book at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

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