Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Baltic Amber Is Nature's Pain Reliever; Teething Bracelet #Review

Have you guys seen the recent articles on the effects of Tylenol, Ibprophen, and Motrin on babies and children? If you haven't might I suggest looking into it before you give your little ones another dose of these ever so popular over the counter pain medications and fever reducers. What I want to talk about today is the power of Baltic Amber to sooth pain and inflammation naturally without any harmful side effects.

If you have followed my blog for any length of time you know I love Baltic Amber teething necklaces, in fact each of the kids and myself wear one 24/7 and the kids have worn theirs since about 2 weeks old.

The way Baltic Amber works is when you have the natural Amber (which is vital in gaining the benefits from the jewelry. Be sure to purchase from a reputable company to ensure you are getting the real thing.) the Amber will have an acid known as Succinic Acid which stimulates the thyroid glands, thus releasing hormones to help with drooling, inflammation, and pain. The pain your baby feels with teething is actually caused by the inflammation of the gums and mouth area. The Baltic Amber also stimulates the immune system and can help deflect negative environmental factors like the electrical waves from cell phones, WiFi adapters and microwaves.

When the Baltic Amber jewelry is placed against the skin, the natural warmth from the skin will encourage the Amber to release this Succinic Acid and in turn the skin will absorb it giving the body the benefits from the acid. (Don't worry it's not that type of acid that will harm your child).

I will say these Baltic Amber pieces should be replaced every year or so due to the oils from the skin and everyday interactions with things like soap, shampoo, swimming pools, etc. This will help to ensure you or your child are still absorbing the Succinic Acid from the Amber and gaining the benefits from this.

This bracelet is nice for those parents who are leery about putting a necklace on their tiny baby, but still want the benefits from the Amber. You can place this bracelet on your child's wrist or even their ankle if that makes you feel safer. I tried it on Maverick and he just fussed with it so I am putting it away until January when the new baby comes, so that baby will have their own Amber to wear. Maverick also already has a necklace and is almost done teething. Which brings me to another point, these pieces are advertised as "teething" aids but really they are an all around health aid. I know when I wear mine I no longer get headaches, my mood is improved and overall my body feels better, so they have so many more benefits than just teething pain relief.

Each bracelet comes with the beads knotted separately to ensure the safety of your little one, should they break this bracelet the beads will not go all over the place because they are individually knotted. In fact the one necklace I wear was Sopheria's and she broke a bead off (I still have NO idea how this happened, only her) but the necklace is still in tact and functional.

Showing the broken beads of my necklace

Head on over to Amazon today and pick one up for your little one and experience the amazing benefits of Baltic Amber.

Connect with Amber Crown on their website to learn more about their products!

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review.*

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