Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bump Watch Wednesday - 23 Weeks & Counting

Well, Monday marked the start of week 23 of this pregnancy, and only 17 more weeks to go. (give or take a week or two) Everything has been going good thus far, the morning (or all day) sickness has subsided and the energy is trying to come back, but with 3/4 other kids running around it is hard to keep the energy up, but I try.

My pickle craving has subsided as well...a little I still eat massive amounts of pickles but I try to keep it to a jar every 2 days instead of every day. Haha. I think I have also decided on a name if this little peanut comes out a girl...Genesis Grayce but as for a boy's name well, that is all my husband and he has yet to decide. But of course we still have 17 weeks left to try and figure it out.

I will admit it has been odd having the midwife come to the house and not going into the doctor's for routine exams and ultrasounds, there was a time I almost scheduled the ultrasound just to make sure everything was going well, but I felt as though I would be betraying my trust as a woman and my trust in God to take care of this child, so I opted to not schedule the ultrasound and I feel really good about it now.

The baby is moving quite a bit and the other night I was able to feel "them" from the outside. I hate referring to the baby as "it" so that is why the term "them" is used more when I talk about the baby. Haha. Although I still feel as though I am at that odd place where I don't quite look pregnant just "fat."

Thanks for tuning in for this week's update :)

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