Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Combat Application Tourniquet Review & Giveaway II

 As of late, Ryan and Landon have been really into the whole hiking experience, the longest they have hiked has been about 13 miles give or take a few, every time they head out to the trails I worry about them, what if they run into a wild animal? What if someone gets injured? What if they get lost? (Well, ok so the lost part wouldn't be THAT bad, would it? Haha I am totally joking here)

So, Ryan and I made an agreement he would put together a little first aid kit that can fit nicely into their hiking backpack. The first aid kit holds pretty much all the basic things needed in case an emergency would arise, well a medical emergency anyways, nothing in their first aid kit would help defend them against a wild animal.

When I was asked to review this Combat Application Tourniquet I accepted not really realizing how handy this thing could become. I guess (to be honest) I never really understood what a tourniquet was for, until it arrived and I got to messing around with it a little. This would come in handy should anyone get cut, break a bone, or many other things. It is a compact item and does not take up much room at all and anyone who hikes knows that is key, being able to pack a backpack and use every ounce of space effectively.

This tourniquet can be applied using one hand, so you don't necessarily need assistance to use it, if you have help that is great but if not you would be ok to handle the tourniquet alone. This is meant to stop bleeding from a cut or open wound, I would also say it can be used if you have a open break as well, as it would help to stop the bleeding around the break. Since this acts to stop/slow down the blood flow to a specific area I would think this could be used with a snake bite as well to help keep the venom localized. While this may not work for long, it couldn't hurt.

This Combat Application Tourniquet appears to be made with high quality materials and stitched so it will be durable and hold up for a long time. There is a place to write the time you applied the tourniquet as well, which is nice, this information could be valuable to medical staff when you arrive at the hospital or doctor's office.

All in all I think this would make a fantastic addition to any first aid kit, backpackers bag, campers stash, preppers preps, and just for anyone who spends any amount of time outdoors or who has children around. I have been lucky enough to be able to host a giveaway thanks to Ari-ale-tools. One lucky winner will have a chance to score their very own Combat Application Tourniquet, so hurry and enter below for a chance to win!

 You can head over to Amazon now and purchase your own Combat Application Tourniquet or you can enter below at the giveaway link for a chance to win one!


*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review. As part of this giveaway please note the blog owner is NOT responsible for shipping the prize to the winner, that is the sole responsibility of the sponsor Ari-ale-tools.*


  1. We go camping a lot and it would come in handy in case of an emergency.

  2. This would be great fo emergencies and fantastic for the first aid kits,
    ellen beck on form

  3. As a single MOM of 3, I like to be prepared for most emergencies and having this tourniquet will definitely give me peace of mind! Nicole Bowers

  4. We have three children as well, and when you are as busy as we are, outdoors with active kids, it is a good thing to have. The email I check most often is

  5. I have three busy guys we love camping would be wonderful.....

  6. I would love to win this useful tourniquet for our first aid kit, too!
    Thank You for the chance

    Fiona N

  7. My boys camp all the time and all over. This would be a great addition to their first aid and survival kit!

  8. i would love to use it for our camping and first aid kid

  9. I would love to win this for when we go camping and hiking! It is always good to be prepared!