Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Have A Snoring Problem In Your Home? Have You Heard Of SnoreDeter? #Review

This may be a touchy subject for some but for me personally my husband is a snorer, and usually it's loud enough to wake me up and keep me up most of the night. He doesn't know he is doing it unless I mention it to him. When the SnoreDeter arrived he was a little skeptical about trying it, especially when he saw you had to insert the BPA free silicone nostril dilators up your nose. But like a good sport he said he would try it.

Each packet of SnoreDeter comes with four different dilators, 2 for congested noses and 2 for regular. There are also 2 sizes so you end up getting a total of 4 dilators with each order. These look like the little game pieces for the game "Trouble" only they have openings at either end and are connected together with a little piece of silicone. You simply slide them in before bed and you are suppose to keep your nasal passages open hence you do not snore.

The first night Ryan, wore these I noticed he didn't snore. Now, could that have been a placebo effect, sure. I knew he had them in so I didn't notice the snoring, or maybe I was really tired and jut slept really well that night, who knows. He has since used them off and on throughout the past couple weeks, and sometimes I can still hear him while other nights I can not. Since we are both sleeping I guess it's hard to say if these work or not. But for the price I don't think it would hurt to purchase them and try, you would only be out a few bucks if they didn't work.

Ryan says that these are pretty comfortable, they feel weird in the beginning but you soon get used to them and then don't even notice they are there. I like these because you can wash them in warm soapy water to keep them clean and germ free.

You can order your packet from Amazon for only $11.45.

*Disclaimer: I received the following product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review.*

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