Monday, September 21, 2015

Rocket Test: All Natural Testosterone Booster #Review

As men age they tend to run into problems with their "man parts" functioning, now before you think to yourself what am I talking about this for on a parenting/natural blog, well let me explain. I really feel the topic of lack of manly performance is something that is very embarrassing for men to admit and equally embarrassing for them to ask for help with. So, my thinking is this...If a dad/man runs across this blog post and he suffers from some below the waist issue maybe he will see this review and give it a try. He wouldn't necessarily have to inform anyone other than Amazon about the order and it might help him out.

On another note let me say that I obviously did not test this out since I don't need a testosterone boost, but Ryan was willing to help me out and try it for me. He says out of all the supplements he has tried that claim to help boost testosterone or libido this is the only one he actually feels a major difference with. He says he can feel it almost immediately. This product is recommended to be taken daily as a supplement and then again about 30 minutes before any..."strenuous" activity.

 You won't find any fillers or unnecessary additives in this product either, just natural herbs that have been shown to help boost testosterone naturally.  So far, Ryan is liking this product and says he is seeing real benefits from it. Not only does it give a boost to libido but it helps...extend the "parent's time" and helps with energy as well.

This product and other products from All Star Naturals can be found on Amazon anytime. 

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review. All opinions stated are my own.*


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  2. I'm curious how long your husband has been using this? My husband was using a testosterone booster as one of his weight lifting supplements. But he stopped because it was giving him terrible heart burn and bad breath. Also the pills dissolved slowly so he would burp up powder. It was a different brand from your review product, for the record! :-)

  3. Oh, it has yohimbe... of course he felt it right away. Yohimbe is a powerful stimulant and is typically used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction (or to be more specific, yohimbine is used for this, which is derived from yohimbe bark). Doesn't boost testosterone though, but it'll definitely give you a rush!

    Fred| Test Worx