Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Trying To Conceive? Easy@Home Digital Basal Thermometer Can Help #Review

Back when we were trying to get pregnant I was using an app on my Android phone that would track my ovulation days, but it was only based off my last period and nothing more. To be honest with you I never even knew what a Basal thermometer was.

Apparently you are suppose to check the temperature at the same time each and every day to ensure accuracy, this basal thermometer has a built in alarm feature that you can set so that you are sure to take your temperature at the same time each day.

I have done a few reviews for Easy@Home products and I will say they have the best quality products out there. Their basal thermometer will log up to 60 temperature records in its memory for you so that you can keep track of the temps without worrying about paper and pens. This feature comes in handy because technically you are suppose to take your temperature orally before even getting up out of bed in the morning to ensure the most accurate reading.

This basal thermometer comes with a really nice hard plastic storage case so you can keep it tucked neatly away when not in use, this also helps to keep it clean and free from germs, which is fabulous. Overall, I would highly recommend this Basal Thermometer from Easy@Home to anyone who is trying to conceive using the natural family planning method.

Check out Easy@Home on Amazon.

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review.*


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