Friday, October 30, 2015

Baby Nook Pop Up Shade Tent #Review

I have had such a wonderful time testing this out and playing around with it. This pop up shade tent from ModFamily is light weight, compact, portable, and easy to set up and tear down.

 Some awesome features that came from the ModFamily website and I have to agree with fully include:
  • Fits under your arm and straps over your shoulder for an easy carry 
  • Self inflatable and removable mat that fits perfectly inside tent
  • Lightweight, waterproof polyester fabric with PU coating (polyurethane) and SPF30 for superb protection 
  • Dimensions when folded: 15 in diameter; dimensions when "popped": 47 in long X 24 in wide X 20 in high 
  • Fiberglass poles - flexible yet durable 
  • 4 mesh openings for great ventilation 

I love that this is so easy and compact, you can take it everywhere and anytime you need a shady place to set baby down you have it. You can leave this in your car, your camper, your boat, where ever. This will fold up easy when you are done with it, and if you should have any issues you can consult the easy to follow one page directions complete with pictures to assist you.

This isn't just for babies though and it isn't just for outdoor use. You can use this with your toddlers even and you can use it inside or out, depending on your specific needs at the time. That is how versatile this awesome little shade tent is. I actually wish I would have had this back in June when we went to the beach it would have been perfect then and thanks to the nylon this would be super easy to clean as well.

You can pick your very own Baby Nook pop up shade tent up from Amazon today!

*Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted rate in order to facilitate this honest review*


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