Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween...Or Is It A Day To Worship Satan?

It's funny how as we grow up we celebrate certain holidays and never really think about where those holiday traditions began. Take Halloween for example every child's favorite holiday, besides Christmas of course, however, did you realize this day actually has roots that are not as Christian as one might hope to find. A night typically celebrated on October 31st where children and even adults dress up as their favorite scary person or character and go to a party or trick or treating. It sounds fun and harmless, right? Have you ever really thought about what the celebration of this "holiday" means for your salvation, what does God think about Halloween?

 It is no secret that Halloween has very strong pagan roots, and typically is thought to be a day that is set aside to worship and show homage to Satan. This theory makes perfect sense when you break down Halloween...Witches, magic, scary masks, evil, nothing about Halloween is light, rather the "holiday" is rather dark. Remember the devil doesn't come out and deceive God's children, instead he works with intent, slowly, purposefully, knowing exactly how to infiltrate the Christians' mind, to corrupt those who love God, trying to bring them to his dark side, please I urge you do not fall for his lies and schemes.

I know how difficult it can be to stand against the norms of society, but as Christians we are called to stand apart and live our faith not fall victim to societal corruption and sin. There is no black and white with God, you either live to please Him or you do not, you can not do certain things in life that God would not approve of and expect Him to forgive and be understanding simply because it's what "everyone is doing." The one thing that should be forefront of your mind is, "How would God want me to live?"

I am not saying that if you celebrate Halloween you are sinning or evil, I honestly believe most people do not realize the truth behind the "holiday." I never did until it was brought to my attention, and after much prayer and thought and research, my husband and I decided that celebrating Halloween just wasn't something we wanted to participate in any longer. In the end the choice is yours and yours alone to make, I just wanted to share the information I was presented with in the case that there are those out there who are truly unaware of the truth. As a Christian it is our responsibility to spread truth and light to those who may be living with darkness.

A few scriptures that can help us to see how evil the theory of celebrating Halloween is...

* 3 John 1:11—“do not imitate what is evil”
* James 1:27—“keep oneself from being polluted by the world”
* Ephesians 6:11-18—“take your stand against the devil’s schemes.”

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