Friday, October 9, 2015

Neoprene Water Bottle Holder #Review

The concept of this is great, but the practicality of this product is lacking. When you take a water bottle along with you most times you have to carry it, and as such it "Sweats" and gets you wet, your clothing wet, or your furniture or car wet. So, it is reasonable to have a water bottle carrier, right? Well, in theory yes it makes sense but for me when put into practice this thing was more headache than it was worth.

This water holder is very nice either way, it is made from a neoprene material with a nylon carry strap which is adjustable to fit most sizes. You can wear this on your shoulder, across your body, hook it onto a belt loop, or backpack or just carry it normally and have a holder that keeps your water bottle from "sweating" everywhere. 

One of the other issues I had with this water bottle holder is there is nothing to hold the water bottle inside and since the bottles don't technically fit snugly inside the holder if you turn this holder sideways or upside down, your bottle will fall out. I think the company should have placed a strap of some sort on the top in order to hold the bottle in place, this would make it much nicer.

Overall, I have to say the holder is nice and very well made, but personally it is not something I would use on a regular basis, it just seems like one more thing to carry around with me, and with 3 going on 4 kids I have enough things to carry without adding a water bottle holder.

You can find this Neoprene water bottle holder by MEK on Amazon.

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review*

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