Friday, October 23, 2015

Premium Outdoor Blanket From Pratico Outdoors #Review

The first thing I thought about when this blanket arrived was how wonderful it would be for families who have kids who play outdoor fall sports. I see all the time how (mostly moms) are talking about watching their kiddos football game on a Friday night and it being cold and rainy and them freezing. This blanket from Pratico Outdoors is a wonderful solution for that problem..

The blanket comes in two sizes a large and a small, the small is 48"X 58" and the large is 58" X 84" so you can pick which would be ideal for you. I received the small size in order to facilitate this review. I was shocked by how big it actually was, I am not good at figuring out measurements without seeing it for myself so when I pulled this blanket out of the travel bag and unrolled it I was pleasantly surprised.

That's the other thing this blanket is made to travel, it comes rolled up and tucked into a nylon travel bag, and unlike other things that come with travel bags you also get a strap with a buckle so when you are done you can roll up your blanket and put the strap on to hold it in the rolled position to make it easy as pie to get back into the travel bag. It reminds me of a baby sleeping bag with the nylon outside which makes it weather proof and the fleece lined inside is sure to keep you warm and cozy.

I have been lucky to review a few different products from this company and I have to say not only are their customer service skills wonderful their products are made to last. This blanket is really versatile though and since you can fold it down it can be taken anywhere. I like to keep ours in the car for those moments when someone gets cold or if we would break down or something you just never know when you might need a blanket.

You can find your blanket on Amazon by clicking ~>HERE<~ 

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review*


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