Monday, November 9, 2015

Baby Bump Watch - Hello Third Trimester - Hello Week 30

*Does the touch down dance* Making it to week 30 really feels like I just ran the entire football field and scored a touchdown, maybe it has something to do with this baby growing bigger each day and squishing my lungs more and more that causes me to have trouble breathing after just walking to the car which makes me feel like I just ran the length of a football field. Either way I am thankful, beyond thankful so many women experience pregnancy issues throughout their pregnancies and even more experience pre-term labor resulting in very tiny babies who are fighting for their lives, so I can't be anything but thankful to have made it this far.

As of today, if baby peanut was born they would have between a 95-97% survival outcome, which is pretty great news, I remember counting the weeks at 12 weeks the chance of a miscarriage was decreased drastically, then at 28 weeks if the baby would be born they would have a 7-8 out of 10 chance of survival. That's the funny thing about pregnancy is you look forward to all those milestones because one it means your baby is closer to being able to survive outside the womb and with that brings you closer to the date your baby should be arriving.

My little peanut is a tiny acrobat in there, forever moving and grooving and now you can see the movements from the outside. I still have yet to catch the little one moving so that Sopheria can see or feel him/her. Although Soph is excited she will rub my belly and tell me that her baby girl is safe inside there and should be coming soon, right after daddy's birthday. It's funny how much a 3 year old understands. Actually daddy's birthday is January 25th and this baby is due on the 18th so she or he will hopefully be here before daddy's birthday.

We are still on track with the natural VBAC homebirth, the gestational diabetes test came back a few weeks ago and we are in the green, no gestational diabetes this time around. The heartbeat is between 128-135 depending on the day and we are measuring right on track as of our 28 week appointment. So, things are moving along nicely, I just have to get the homebirth items together and then set up the room that I plan on giving birth in. We of course will have to go shopping but we will have to wait and see what the verdict is as far as a little boy or little girl. Now, that is the hard part now a days, it isn't so much waiting for the baby, (although that is getting harder the closer we get) but not knowing whether this will be a boy or girl and all my pregnant friends are finding out and picking names, shopping, and getting things finalized and I am over here like yeah, I have no idea. Haha

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