Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Baby Safety Cabinet Locks #Review

Baby proofing can be very trying especially until you find the right locks for all the right places as well as finding locks that your little minions...I mean geniuses can't break through or figure out how to conquer within minutes. Yes, we had this problem with our (at the moment) youngest who is 19 months now, he always seems to Houdini his way through EVERYTHING, baby gates, cabinet locks, deadbolts you name it he and breaks through it or climbs over it.

I was excited to try these Baby Safety Cabinet Locks from The Baby Lodge, but I was hesitant as well to be honest, I figured they are just another set of cabinet locks that my son will break through or figure out how to open within minutes. Well, the true test came and they worked well. In fact the one cabinet lock I am currently using on our board game closet door ever since my middle child decided she would break out the PlayDough without asking first. (Oh boy what a disaster.)

Each set includes six of these awesome cabinet locks and because of the way they are made you can pretty much use them anywhere. On either side is the mounting pieces which mount using 3M brand sticky tabs, just be sure to clean the surfaces well first I would actually recommend wiping the surface down with warm soapy water and then taking a little vinegar on a towel and wipe the surface again to ensure all residue and dirt are removed, so you have a nice clean surface to mount your locks to.

While these are pretty kid proof they are easy to open for adults, in fact I am able to open mine with one hand which is nice because most days as a mom that is all I have available and that is pushing my luck. Overall, the locks also seem very durable and sturdy, my 3 year old was trying to pry the closet door open the one day when I caught her she had been at it a good couple minutes and was trying her hardest and that little lock stayed in place and held its ground, thankfully.

This product gets a 5/5 stars rating in my book for durability, ease of installation, ease of usage, and actual functionality.

You can order your set from The Baby Lodge on Amazon.

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review*

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