Thursday, November 19, 2015

Car Side Window Shade DRIVE #Review

We have a mini van of course and our back windows are factory tinted which I thought would be enough to keep the sun off the kids, and while it works for the most part there have been times one of the kids complains that the sun is in their eyes. I never thought about buying these sunshades before but since reviewing these awesome ones from Drive I now will not have a car without them!

These were really easy to install and use. I was a bit worried to be honest since the only directions were three pictures printed on the side of the box, but I will say the company personally sent me an email with an updated directions file attached! How awesome is that, that this company cares enough to take the time to send me directions without me even asking them? That right there screams wonderful customer service to me.

Besides being really easy to install, you basically slide the suction cups onto the shades, clean your windows really good and apply the suction cups. These are also very easy to use and when you are not using them they roll up into their holders or you can even take them down with as much ease as you put them up.

There is a black side and a white side to the mesh shade the white side goes on the outside of the window to help keep the UV rays and heat outside and off your little one. I have seen these things cost a pretty penny at our local stores which I think is why I never purchased them before, but this set of two window shades comes at a really affordable price tag of less than $20 for the set! You really can't beat it.

You can find the two pack of sunshades from Amazon by clicking HERE.

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review*

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