Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dance Lessons Starter Kit by DanceCrazy #Review

Have you ever wanted to learn to dance but hated the thought of going out into a public studio to learn? I know I have had that feeling many times throughout my life. I always loved watching people dance, they make it look so easy and graceful, and then there is me the fish out of water flopping around like a fool when I try to dance.

Thanks to this wonderful new 4 disc DVD set from Dance Crazy I was able to learn four different dances all from the comfort of my own home with ease. Not only was this DVD set easy to follow but you get four different dance lessons in one and at one affordable price. Compared to actual dance lessons in a studio with an instructor this DVD set is MUCH cheaper and if you are like me we don't really have actual dance studios around other than for younger kids.

After doing the four different dances on this DVD I realized two things...the first this would make an excellent workout routine, dancing gets the body moving and the heart rate up which is wonderful and you don't have to worry about sit ups and steps and other not so fun exercise actions. This doesn't seem like a work out in my opinion, just fun. The second thing I realized is this would make a wonderful ice breaker activity for a party. Adults and children alike can follow the easy directions and all learn to dance together.

Overall, I found this DVD dance lesson set to be wonderful and would highly recommend it, in fact I am thinking about looking to see some of the other option that Dance Crazy has to offer.

You can find this as well as other sets on Amazon.

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review.*

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