Monday, November 23, 2015

Espresso & Coffee Candy Set #Review

I am a huge coffee fan and can enjoy a steamy cup of coffee anytime of day, hence the excitement when this espresso and coffee candy set arrived. The set comes packaged nicely and honestly ready to be given as a gift, so if you are looking for a fun gift for the coffee lover in your life then this set will save you some time when it comes to wrapping it up.

The set arrives to you with 2 high quality, thick ceramic green coffee mugs, 2 bags of hard candies (one is coffee and the other has espresso flavoring inside), a milk frother, and a really nice stainless steel coffee bag clip/scooper. The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys coffee. The candies are nice to toss in your purse or diaper bag and everything else is all you need (other than the coffee and maker) to enjoy a fresh steamy cup of coffee anytime of day.

I think my favorite part of this set (other than the coffee mugs) is the stainless steel coffee scoop/bag clip. I personally don't use coffee from bags I use the plastic tubs but the clip is really nice because you always have it handy. I like the scoop though because it measures the perfect amount of coffee every time.

Now, the question is who on your shopping list would enjoy a gift like this? Maybe you should pick up two, one to give and one to keep for yourself. ;-)

You can find this lovely set from Amazon.

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review.*

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