Thursday, November 5, 2015

God's Book Of Prayers eBook - A Book Look Blogger Review

A few Sunday's ago my church sermon focused on the importance of meaningful praying, and how to avoid deaf prayers, the Pastor also touched on how we can make our prayers more meaningful and deeper because God loves deep prayers. God loves blessing his followers and he gets great joy from our joy and I think that is one reason I wanted to read this book, I want to learn how to pray quality prayers that will be pleasing to God.

 This eBook "God's Book of Prayers, Each and Every Prayer in the Bible" compiled by M.A.R caught my eye as I was browsing through eBooks one day. The book summary is as follows...

"For the first time since 1611, when the authorized King James Version of the Bible was completed, the complete list of all the prayers of the Bible are available together and categorized. God’s Book of Prayers contains each and every prayer of the Bible, separated into nine categories for convenient reading. Find inside an elementary analysis of all the prayers for better understanding of the whole of the prayers in God’s Book, including the most common words in biblical praying."

Now, for my personal thoughts on the book, I felt this book was very well written and organized. There are topics including...
* "Why some of our prayers aren't answered"
* "The First Mention of Prayer in the Bible"
* "Verses with Prayer"
* "The Prayers Of The Bible" 

Then the book goes into the types of prayers...Blessing prayers, confession prayers, prayers of praise, prayers of worship, response prayers and so many more. When you begin reading the prayer sections you will see each prayer also has the Bible reference listed so you can turn to your Bible and read the prayer or even read some more from that particular book.

I really thought the ABC's of the Pray-er was interesting...

1. Faith in God
2. Spirit directed by the Holy Spirit
3. Privacy of prayer
4. Obedience in life
5. Right motive
6. Repent
7. Forgive
8. Boldly
9. Sincerity
10. Persis in prayer 
11. Pray according to the will of God
12. Fasting with prayer
13. Humility of life and prayer
14. Pray in Jesus' name

Overall, this eBook is a must have in my opinion, I really think you can use this not only to help you learn to pray better but also to help you learn more about your Bible, and it can even help you read your Bible more often if you use this as a companion book to your Bible. All through life we are to continually grow in our faith and draw closer to God and I think this book is beneficial for that task.

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