Monday, November 30, 2015

Silicone Ice Trays #Review

Landon loves Legos and crafting so it was obvious these cute little silicone molds would be a hit in our house. You can really use these things for so many projects, although after using them for certain ones such as soap making I would not recommend using them for food related crafts. We decided to try our hand at making candy...I had some chocolate chips that we melted down and poured into the molds. It worked really well except that fact I think I added a bit too much milk when melting down the chips and now our little chocolate Lego men won't stay molded. Haha

When you order these molds you get three to a pack, a blue Lego figure one, a red Lego brick one, and a brown guitar one, which kinda seems out of place with all the Lego themed trays but whatever they are all super cute. I really like using silicone because of a few reasons, one...things don't typically stick to the silicone and you don't have to use any cooking spray. Second, you don't have any worry about the chemicals leeching from the Teflon coating, and third because you can push and manipulate the silicone you can remove your items from the molds with ease, not to mention the silicone cleans up super nice and easily.

This is the second silicone mold I have used and I couldn't be happier, in fact I have been slowly switching my kitchen over to a "less chemical" filled kitchen such as tossing out the Teflon coated cook wear and using Stainless Steel instead and also using more silicone products. Another bonus to silicone is it can go from the oven to the freezer with no issues so you can use your molds for pretty much anything.

Overall, these silicone trays get a 5/5 stars from the kids and I, we had a lot of fun making chocolate molds.

You can find these molds along with so many others on Amazon just by clicking HERE.

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review.*

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