Monday, November 2, 2015

Stainless Steel Step Trash Can #Review

As many of you know we are a cloth diapering family, and currently my cloth diapers get put in a large wet bag that hangs in my basement stairwell, but it is really in the way and a pain in the neck, not to mention the hanging straps tend to get ripped off my wet bags from the weight, so I was on the hunt for a new way to store my dirty diapers until laundry day. I was given the chance to test out this 12L stainless steel step trash can from Estilo. This is really the perfect size, I am a procrastinator by nature so my diapers tend to over flow the wet bag before I decide to wash them, which is a bad habit to be honest, but with this 12L garbage can I am forced to wash every few days, which is a good thing since I don't have a dryer and rely on hanging to dry them, which typically takes 2 days of drying time.

Anyways...back to the review, when the can arrived I noticed there was the brown package box and inside was a flimsy white cardboard box and then there was my garbage can, there was no type of padding or protection at all, which is what I think happened because when I opened my garbage can there was a big dent in the side of it. The dent isn't really an issue I took the inside bucket out and pushed the dent out (for the most part). What really bothered me was how cheap the can was, the lid didn't fit properly and when  you step on the foot peddle it almost made you feel like the lid was going to break.

Overall, I am not very pleased with this trash can, I expected a little more from it in terms of quality. I understand the garbage can was only $25.99 on Amazon but with that in mind I paid $39.99 for my large kitchen stainless steel can from Wal-Mart years ago and it still is in perfect working condition and durable. So, if you are going to spend $25 I suggest spending the extra $10 and getting a better quality trash can.

Below is the video review I made for this product, you can see a bit more clearly the issues I had with this can from the video.

You can see the product on Amazon by following this link.

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review.*

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