Monday, November 2, 2015

Wooden Baby Swing From Greta The Fox #Review

I have wanted to get the kids a wooden swing for a while, but never really put it that high on my "to buy list." When I was given the chance to review this wooden swing from Greta The Fox company I was excited, and yet disappointed since the weather had turned cold before it arrived. Well, today was a beautiful day in the mid 60's and we went outside. My first impression of this swing was how well made it looked and how durable. The wood is real wood not the compressed stuff and the ropes are actual thick ropes. This looked like a very durable and safe swing, so much in fact that I was about to let my 3 year old have a try on it once we got it put up.

When I took our swing outside I didn't expect it to be so difficult to put up, to be honest I thought it would just come down to hanging it on the hooks I already had hung from our current Step 2 swing. Boy was I wrong! First, I pulled out the directions, a one sheet that basically tells you how to hang this swing from a tree and nothing more. To say they were lacking is an understatement. After trying to hang this swing for about 15 minutes I put it back in the box and walked away to come write this review. The kids are disappointed and I am frustrated and yet somehow I want to give this company and their wooden swing the benefit of the doubt, maybe that's just because I want the swing to be awesome even though the directions completely suck! (as you can see below)

Well, when I finally did get the swing up the one side of the ropes was WAY too long making the swing hang sideways pretty much, *sigh* enter frustration again since the directions are of no help. So, again I scrapped the whole idea and now this lovely wooden swing is sitting in my garage and won't see any use until at least next Spring.

Overall, first impression was this swing was lovely, well made, durable, safe, the directions are a complete waste and are horrible, I wouldn't purchase this if I had the chance, I think I would find a company who knew how to write directions properly so that their consumers could understand them.

Pick up your own and see how you like it, and be sure if you do let me know. Click Here

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review.*


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