Monday, November 23, 2015

You Never Know When A Car Emergency Safety Hammer Will Come In Handy #Review

I am sure you have all heard those horror stories of car accidents that occur where windows might need broken to rescue a trapped victim, what if you were able to provide assistance to someone else or yourself in such situations? That was my thought when I was asked to review this emergency car hammer and seat belt cutter from SafeTHammer.

This emergency car safety hammer comes with 2 in a pack so you can keep one in each vehicle if you are a family who has more then one vehicle and if you only have one vehicle why not keep one of these in your purse because you never know when an emergency will arise and as they say it's better to be safe than sorry. Each safety hammer is able to break windows or cut seat belts so you can feel confident that you will be able to get out of that vehicle should an emergency arise.

I also found the free Ebook beneficial as well, when you purchase one of these safety hammer sets from SafeTHammer you will also receive a free Auto Safety eBook as a little thank you bonus. Now, I obviously have not been able to test this product since I do not really want to break my vehicle glass nor cut my seat belts but I have full confidence this would work and work well.

You can pick up your set of safety hammers from Amazon by clicking HERE.

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review.*

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