Saturday, December 5, 2015

We Cannot Be Silent Book #Review

In a society where we are all expected to be tolerant of other people there are a few topics that simply can not be tolerated, one is the abortion issue as a Christian I will not stand silent and be tolerant of the murdering of innocent lives for ANY excuse (or reason as some would call it). The second is homosexuality. It is clearly stated in the Bible how a marriage, relationship, and family unit should be and there is no room for negotiations when it comes to God's word.

This book We Cannot Be Silent written by R. Albert Mohler, Jr. touches on major points dealing with how a Christian should be handling this situation and how the recent Supreme Court ruling on homosexual marriage will in turn ruin the current thoughts on family and marriage. In his book he states that at one point in time religious leaders were held high above others as knowing right from wrong and being morally just, but now a days if you are religious in any way you are seen as the outcast, which is why we have allowed our society (over the decades) to decline and fall deeper and deeper into sinful lifestyles.

This book is one that comes highly recommended for anyone who has an interest in how the "be tolerant of homosexual revolution" will have long term and lasting effects on the entire population not just a few of us. The devil works slowly to corrupt God's people and he makes sin appear good and fun. So, without giving away spoilers for this book, I will leave this review at that, but just know this is a book that if you are in any way religious I would recommend reading this!

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