Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Every Birth Has A Story...Here's Mine

Everyone always likes to hear about how a beautiful baby has entered the world, and when people found out I was having a home VBAC birth they were even more interested in hearing my birth story. Traditionally I leave the birth story to my Doula who is amazing and writes much better than I do, but with this past birth I feel confident that I can write this story. Before we begin with this latest birth let's take a walk back to the very start of it...

February 13, 2005 the day my first born entered this world. I was 20 years old and a first time soon to be mom, I wasn't very educated and I trusted what people and doctors said without question. I began having contractions about 10:30-11:00am and by noon I was on the labor and delivery floor being monitored. I don't typically like to talk about this birth because it was traumatic and I felt bullied. It began with the nurses not allowing me to get out of bed, not even to use the restroom. From the moment I was checked into the hospital I was placed in bed and was unable to move. I was allowed to labor until about 4:30-5:00pm when they claimed I needed an emergency c-section due to my son pinching his cord between his shoulder and my uterus causing a deceleration in his heart rate. They never tried to move him or let me move or anything, and by 6:13pm my son was born via c-section weighing in at 6lbs 5ozs. While he was perfect I was not able to see or hold him until the next day. To this day I still believe our bond isn't the same as the other kids and I personally think it was because of the entire experience of the birth.

Next, we come to March 26, 2012, when my labor began with my second child. I was determined to have a natural birth this time around and nothing would stop me. I began having contractions about 4:00pm-5:00pm and by 10:00pm we were being checked into the hospital. This labor was like night and day compared to my last, I was up walking around, and free to do pretty much whatever I wanted. The labor was long and I did end up with one dose of pain medication through my IV during the whole labor, and I admit I begged for the epidural in the end, but thankfully my Doula got me through and I was too far into labor to have the epidural anyways. At 7:16am on March 27, 2012 my daughter came into this world and I had achieved a successful VBAC. It was wonderful, I couldn't have asked for a better birth experience...or so I thought.

Now on to my third little bundle, On May 8, 2015 my contractions began again about 5:00pm. I continued working through them until they got more intense, then I left work and drove home. When I got home I started timing them and by 10:00pm we were on our way to the hospital. Again this was wonderful we checked in and walked and walked and walked, I bounced on the birth ball, got into the shower, and just labored in peace with my husband, doula, midwife and quietness. It was wonderful. No pain meds at all during this labor, I was pretty impressed and proud. Finally, after another long labor my son was born at 7:20am.

So, there we were two very memorable and wonderful birth experiences and one not so wonderful but brought forth my first born amazing son. Now, I get to tell you all about my last birth experience and quite possibly the best one I have ever experienced.

January 25, 2016 my husband's birthday, and the 7th day we were "late" according to my due date, although that would later prove to be wrong. I had been having contractions since Sunday off and on but nothing serious, when I woke up Monday the contractions began again and were coming about 6-15minutes apart all day, they varied so I sent my husband to work and continued about my day. It wasn't too bad some contractions were more intense than others but all manageable. I worked on my birth affirmation cards and read the prayers in my "Christ Centered Childbirth" book and just enjoyed spending the day at home. It wasn't until about 4:45pm-5:00pm that I went to the bathroom and began having some seriously intense contractions that began coming about every 3-4 mins, I totally skipped the whole 5 minutes apart thing, so I called the midwife and told her and called my Doula and everyone was on their way. About 6:45pm I was getting worried, my contractions were getting even more intense and the thought crossed my mind, "What if no one made it on time?"

 I was nervous but just continued breathing and praying through each contraction. Finally at 7:30pm my Doula arrived and by 7:45pm my midwife was here too, Ryan had been home for about 15 minutes as well. I was sitting on my bed and I remember the contractions just coming back to back, it seemed I never had a break from them. I decided to move over to the birth room and the massive task of filling the birth pool began. As I was sitting in the arm chair in the room the contractions were getting to the point I didn't think I would make it through them and pressure was building, finally, I asked about getting int he tub, and while it certainly wasn't full it was full enough that I could get in. The water felt great but it didn't last long. My midwife Jen asked if I felt the need to push or anything and for once I wasn't sure, I sort of did but wasn't sure so I just labored through a few more contractions. Up until this point I was never checked or anything (we avoided all medical procedures and tests, we were having this baby fully based on faith in God) and it was amazing. Jen the midwife and her assistant Hannah left me be, to just labor as I needed. There came a point were I told Jen I felt like pushing, she asked if I wanted to reach down and feel for the head or if I wanted her to, I told her to and she said the baby's head was right there and I could push whenever I wanted. I began to push. I could feel the head coming down, so bravely I reached down and felt the head right there, my baby was crowing and I was feeling it. I held my hand there through the next contraction, feeling that perfect head descending and my body bringing that baby closer to me. The head came out, and the midwife stepped in, she had to break my water because it had not broken until this point. After another push I felt my baby being set on my back. (He was set on my back because I was able to birth him on my hands and knees unlike my previous births where I had to birth my babies on my back) I was so pumped with hormones and adrenaline that I forgot to ask if it was a boy or girl. Once I was more composed I finally asked and was told I had another son. Everyone helped my turn over so I could hold Oliver, and we just sat in the tub for a few minutes taking it all in, we had done it in just a few hours I had birthed our son. My mother in law was able to come up and see him and so was Landon, and Oliver was only a few minutes old, it was a wonderful moment. After a few more minutes I was helped out of the tub and into my bed to relax a bit, nothing was rushed there were no time schedules, there was nothing just calm serenity and peace. It was the best birth experience yet. My Doula and son made me a sandwich to eat as I watched my Doula and midwife set up the baby for their birth announcement photo. Oliver was so calm and peaceful as well, the entire experience was just perfect. I don't think I will ever birth any other way again. I was able to come downstairs about 2 hours after having Oliver and enjoy spending time with Sopheria and just relaxing, no nurses to poke and bother me, no stress, no time schedule just a peaceful, calm, and memorable birth.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story. Its amazing and empowering! Good job, and many congratulations are in order. A successful HBAC wow!!!